Health insurance

I am new to this site and would really apreciate some advice.
My boyfriend is moving to HK to start a new job (in fact he is on an aeroplane at this very moment!) but he told me - somewhat predictably - that he has not arranged any medical cover or health insurance for himself.
I have looked online to try and sort something out for him, but can only find holiday cover.
Can anyone recommend what sort of policy I need to be looking for?!!



Health insurance

It would still be worth asking his employer what they provide. If he's employed from overseas it would be unusual for there to be no health cover provided.

If he has a visa to work here, he should be getting a Hong Kong identity card. This means he should qualify for the 'Fees & charges for eligible persons' at local hospitals (See the 'Fees and charges' link on this page). That's probably the cheapest option if he is on a tight budget - so hurry up and get the ID card.

If you want to buy, you can contact the local banks or insurance companies. We get ours automatically via MrsB's employer, so I don't know much about them. Can any other readers offer advice?


Many thanks Mr.B. - much

Many thanks Mr.B. - much appreciated