i would like to ask a very serious question.if anyone can answer then i will really appreciate your and my bf want to get married in hong kong but we dont want anyone to find out. because my family is against this they arent approving of my bf so we have decided to do court marriage. However we both dont know much about getting married in hong kong as we both are of another religion,not chinese. I would like to ask, if we get married here, what process will be done? we do not want anyone to find this out. Then if i get married again with my family's choice, that guy is out of hk, when i will apply for his visa, will the hk immigration find out that i have been already married before with my bf?? Please tell me everything in details. What we will need to show at the marriage hall? will we need any eye witness?what will we have to bring along with us? and will the immigration of hk find out abt my marriage? I will really appreciate ur help. pls help me as i am sooooo depressed and me and my bf cant stand the thought of leaving each other. Thanks for ur attention.

Marriage & immigration

The process to get married in Hong Kong is described on the immigration department's website here. They also have a 'contact us' page if you need to visit / phone / email them to ask detailed questions.