Laundry Service in HK

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Does anyone know where I can get some laundry done, preferably in the Causeway Bay area?

Also, about how much would it cost?





Hi there, I think you should be able to locate some of those local laundry stores in the Yellow Pages (; see sample search results here)  If you don't mind the price tag, you might like to try this shop: Hope it helps, T

Going Rate

Thanks for the link!


What's the approximate going rate for the lower/cheaper end of these laundry services?

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laundry by the pound

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Basically each of these local laundry stores have their rates posted in their counters. However not all of the local store keepers speak English. Most of them should have an English or bi-lingual price list anyway. I have not go to these stores for ages thus I am unable to tell you their current rates.

Some of them might offer the [by the pound] rate. You should sort your laundry through and try NOT to mix dry clean only clothes with ordinary ones. They usually charge dry clean clothings by the piece seperately. The general rule of not mixing white stuffs with colour stuffs still apply.

Hope this give you some ideas.

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