Moving and working in HK

Hi Everyone,

I really want to move to HK. Unfortunately, I'm not any thing close to being rich....which translates to...I would need to work.

Here's the situation:

I am a US Citizen, born in the US. My mother is a US Citizen, born in HK. I know she's entitled to obtain a HKID, but am I? If not, would I still be able to come to HK to find a job? Lastly, does working for a US based company exempt me from having to obtain a HK working visa?

Any tips/information would be much appreciated.
I'm a desperate friend in need. If things work out...lunch on me at HK :)


Is your mum a chinese citizen? suggests that you might get right of abode (and so be able to work) if she is. Write to immigration to check though (and we'd be interested to know the answer too!)

If not, the usual rules apply: In that case, even if you work for a US company you'll still need a visa.

Good luck, MrB

Forgot password, and so

Forgot password, and so replying as anonymous.

I don't believe she would be considered a Chinese Citizen, as I don't believe you are allowed dual citizenship. She's definitely a US Citizen.

Sigh...this isn't looking too good at the moment.
I'll keep everyone updated. Thanks.