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Batgung banners collage

Batgung banners collage

What is a fair salary in Hong Kong?

If you’ve been offered a job here, you’ve no doubt asked yourself this question.

Here are some tips to help you reach an answer. Read more »

Mr Tall vs Bizarro Mr Tall!

You remember that original Star Trek episode where Jim, Bones and Spock are mysteriously transported into a parallel universe? Oh, sorry, that doesn’t narrow it down much. I mean the one where all the alterna-univerna-Trekkers have bad facial hair? Spock’s goatee? Now you know the one I mean.

I would like us to go on a little dimension-swapping trip of our own, where we will face the wrath of a disturbed and surly Mr Tall – a Bizarro Mr Tall, if you will – who’s seeing what one aspect of his life might be like if he didn’t live in Hong Kong . . . . Read more »

Hong Kong mortgage: Which is best, when to change.

I've just re-mortaged our flat, so while it's fresh in my mind here are some points to watch for. If this will be your first mortgage in Hong Kong, keep reading. If you already have a mortgage but it is over three years old, skip to the re-mortgaging section to make sure you're not missing out on some big savings. Read more »

Turn that air conditioner off/on?

‘It’s too hot in here, and I want the air conditioner on now!’

‘Actually, I’m comfortable with things the way they are.’

This conversation – which Mrs Tall and I had at 3:00 AM one morning in the third week of May – was unprecedented. It turned on its head our long-standing debate over sleeping temperature. For years, I’ve been the one who’s started whining for the air conditioner somewhere in March or so, whereas Mrs Tall’s been happy to wait until at least May.  Read more »

Ten days in Hong Kong - ideas for visitors with young children

Last month (April) we had a couple of friends (Mr & MrsJ) and their daughters (3 & 5 years old) pay us a visit from the UK. Here's how we kept them busy.

Day1 - Welcome to Hong Kong Read more »

Domestic helpers update

I’ve written several times about hiring and managing domestic helpers here in Hong Kong, but not for quite a while. There’s a reason for that – or, rather, a couple of reasons.

First, after employing a couple of decent helpers, we had bad luck and employed one we really didn’t like. Then, after she left, we found one we liked very much indeed. I was so worried about jinxing the whole deal I felt constrained from mentioning it!  Read more »

Sea urchins at Deepwater Bay

If you're heading to Deepwater Bay at this time of year, you'd better take some waterproof shoes if you plan on paddling or swimming. Otherwise expect to spend the evening digging sea urchin spines out of your feet.

  Read more »

Cultural mirrors

Chengdu Airport, 8:00 AM

She is well-prepared; I’ll grant her that. North American, around 50, I’d say – far too practical to dress in the swirls of cheap Thai cotton favored by younger backpackers, she’s armored in quality adventureware straight from the reviews in Outdoor magazine. But she’s still got that Traveler look: a supercilious gaze, a smug little smile that assures you she’s already assimilated this morning’s airport adventure into its proper niche in her Experiential Tapestry.  Read more »

How can I get a visa to live in Hong Kong?

If you currently live overseas and want to live in Hong Kong, you’ll need to apply for a visa. Here are the main options available to you.
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