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How to get there when you don't know where to go

Last week we introduced the new Places feature. They help you find your way to a place in Hong Kong.

That's great if you know where you want to get to. But what if you've just got a vague idea? eg 'I expect to be working in Central, which serviced apartments are nearby?'. Or "I'm staying in a hotel on Nathan Road, any friendly pubs nearby?". Read more »

Trading Places

Pools? Ponds? Pubs? Pillboxes? Playgrounds?

What's your favourite place, and how do you let others know about it?

I've been thinking about how to make it easy to share a place: write a few short notes about it, show where it is on a map, and save it to the web. I've had a first try at making this work, and would like your help to try it and let me know any problems you find. Read more »

Chinese Soup

Soup doesn't get much attention in the UK. You might reheat a canned soup when you're too full for a proper meal, or mix powdered soup with boiling water when you're camping. But that's about it.

Things are different here – soup is a big deal. MrsB summed it up: “Don't drink soup? Then you'll get sick!” Read more »

Chinese New Year features

Since Chinese New Year is nearly upon us, here are some quick links to  few CNY-related Batgung articles. You can learn how to handle giving out red pockets, here and here; and see what kinds of activities and special events are on tap here. MrB ruminates upon a particular CNY favorite here.

Happy CNY!

Which is the best flat to live in?

You've found an area of Hong Kong you like, and chosen a development you're happy with. Now how do you choose the best flat?

Here are some questions to think about: Read more »

A visit to Hong Kong's Wetland Park

Mrs Tall and I took some days off around Christmas to spend some extra time with Daughter Tall. On one of them we decided to visit one of Hong Kong’s newest attractions, Wetland ParkRead more »

Red-base Jezebel

Red-base Jezebel

These butterflies are everywhere at the moment. It seemed strange to me, given that it's the coldest time of year. However the LCSD's website description of the butterfly says it's normal:

Medium size. Very common and can be seen all year round. The population of this butterfly species will suddenly increase in winter. It is much less frequently seen in summer.

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

What do you do?

I don’t have a job.

And it’s ok, really. Read more »

Expat life: making a home visit

‘We care locally.’

That three-word profundity comes from a weblog written by Joe Posnanski, a sports writer whose work I enjoy.  Read more »

Commuting in Hong Kong

I read an article recently that really struck a chord. It’s from the April 16 2007 New Yorker, written by one Nick Paumgarten, and it’s all about commuting. Although it focuses on commuting in the USA, and inevitably spends a lot of time on driving, parts of it that deal with commuting in New York City itself are quite apposite to life here in Hong Kong.

Most strikingly, perhaps, Paumgarten quotes the punchline from a recent academic study on commuting: Read more »

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