Things to see and do

The Batgung introduce you to Hong Kong's best-known -- and a few not-so-well-known -- tourist attractions, from an insider's point of view.

Hong Kong museums

Although I've mentioned Hong Kong's museums in an article on things to do for visitors, I thought I'd spend a bit more time discussing their relative merits -- and deficiencies. I feel much more qualified to do so at the moment than I did several years ago, since Daughter Tall is now entering the optimum age range for museum action (she's seven going on eight). So let's take a little tour of our fair city's publicly-funded repositories of history and culture. Read more »

Hire a bicycle

Cooler weather will soon be here - time to start thinking of outdoor activities. How about a cycling trip?

Get out from hilly Hong Kong and crowded Kowloon, and there are several places where you can hire bicycles. They're a good option if you're visiting and would like to go ride a bike, or live here and fancy an occasional bike ride without the trouble of buying and storing your own bike.

They usually offer a variety of bikes, from children's to adults, and may also have some more unusual options such as tandems and four-wheelers. Read more »

Waterfall Bay

Waterfall Bay Park runs along the shoreline in front of the Wah Fu estate. At the southern end of the park is a collection of Chinese gods - worth a visit if you're in the area. Then if you follow the park to its northern end you'll see the small bay and waterfall that gives the park its name.

Here we pan from the waterfall on the right, round to the peninsula and pillbox 6. In the background you can see the towers of Bel-Air on the Peak, as Cyberport is just over the other side of the hill. Read more »

Rest home for retired Chinese Gods

One of our banner photos is of a collection of ceramic gods at Deepwater Bay. The gods are no longer there - I thought they'd been cleared away by the government, but maybe they just upped and moved here instead to be part of the party.

Hopefully the video is clear enough for you to see them, there are several hundred of them arranged along the bank. Read more »

How to get there when you don't know where to go

Last week we introduced the new Places feature. They help you find your way to a place in Hong Kong.

That's great if you know where you want to get to. But what if you've just got a vague idea? eg 'I expect to be working in Central, which serviced apartments are nearby?'. Or "I'm staying in a hotel on Nathan Road, any friendly pubs nearby?". Read more »

A visit to Hong Kong's Wetland Park

Mrs Tall and I took some days off around Christmas to spend some extra time with Daughter Tall. On one of them we decided to visit one of Hong Kong’s newest attractions, Wetland ParkRead more »

Where to swim in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has lots of options if you like swimming. Here are some of my favourite places for a swim, plus details on opening times, costs, etc. Read more »

Family hiking in Hong Kong

The Family Tall went out for our first hike of the 2007-08 season last Saturday morning, and in the flurry of preparations required for hiking with a five-year-old, I was reminded of both how easy it is to get out on Hong Kong’s hiking trails, but also of why it’s just enough trouble that surprisingly few people actually do it.

So my purpose today is to try to pass along a few tips that might make it more feasible to get out and about on family hikes in Hong Kong. Longer, more ambitious hikes for all grown-ups we’ll leave for other times. Read more »

Planning your beach holiday from Hong Kong

Summer holidays have become much more important in the past couple of years for the Tall family, as Daughter Tall’s availability is now constrained by her kindergarten’s schedule. So although I’ve always been a travel fan, and enjoy trip planning as part of the experience, the stakes have been raised. Fortunately, as I’ve mentioned, Hong Kong is an excellent base from which to travel all around Asia. Read more »

Ten days in Hong Kong - ideas for visitors with young children

Last month (April) we had a couple of friends (Mr & MrsJ) and their daughters (3 & 5 years old) pay us a visit from the UK. Here's how we kept them busy.

Day1 - Welcome to Hong Kong Read more »

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